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Discover The Easy Way To Let Your Baby Feed Himself
& How YOU Can Save Time & Money!
Are you determined to help your baby develop a real love of food?
Are you looking for info about tried and tested weaning methods?
Are you curious about a different method of letting your child to discover solid food?

You've come to the right place!

baby_eats_solidsEnjoy meal times as
a family

let_baby_eat_aloneHelp your baby develop crucial skills
find_out_more_about_BLWBe relaxed about how much baby eats
when_should_baby_start_eating_solidsEncourage independance
let_baby_be_in_control_of_foodAvoid food issues
help_with_baby_weaningSave time and money

Allow us to help you - all you need to do is buy this $9.87 e-guide now for immediate download - it comes with a bonus
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Hi there!

My name is Rebecca, I am a mother and I was determined to do everything in my power to help my children grow up loving great food. So I researched the various theories, read the books, studied the guidelines, and then tested all these theories by putting them into practice. I discovered what worked well, and what were just nice ideas on paper but which didn't translate well to real life.

let_baby_eat _solidsBaby-led weaning is not a new concept.  For generations, parents have been letting their children feed themselves and explore food at their own pace. Recently this method has come back into the spotlight as research into this topic has got people talking again about different ways to encourage their little ones to learn to love solid food, and naturally reduce their milk intake.

Trusting your child to regulate his own appetite, and be in control of the food he puts into his mouth is a totally natural progression from breast or bottle feeding. Many parents find that the traditional weaning idea of suddenly dicatating to their child when and how much they should eat is totally contrary to their ability to listen to their baby's cues, and respond accordingly.

Baby-led weaning is all about giving your baby the right opportunities, and then progressing at her pace.

independant_baby Give your baby a fun, playful experience of food
babies_can_eat_on_their_own Create opportunities for your child to enjoy a variety of flavours and textures
how_much_should_baby_eat Be a lot more relaxed about the amount your child is eating
BLW_food Encourage your little one towards independence
baby_learning_to_eat Help your baby develop crucial skills for life like hand-eye coordination
from_milk_to_solids Reduce the probability of mealtimes becoming battlegrounds
info_about_weaning Allow your baby to feel in control of his diet and the pace at which he eats
learn_about_weaning Encourage your baby to chew, which in turn has real benefits for speech development
Best_weaning Have a ready-made activity which is helping your child make fundamental discoveries about the world around her

Get you downloadable eguide now for only $9.87

All the information you need to get started

So you understand the benefits, but you've still got a lot of ananswered questions?
    * Exactly what food can I give to my baby? So 
    * When should I start introducing solid food into his diet?
    * Isn’t she more likely to choke if she feeds herself?
    * Will his table-manners suffer as a result?
    * Are there any foods I need to avoid?
    * How will I know if she’s eating enough?
    * Should I carry on giving milk feeds as well as solid food?

    * Will my baby be getting all the vitamins and nutrients he needs?
    * I’ve already started with purees, is it too late to switch methods?
I have compiled this simple, yet comprehensive reference guide packed full of baby led weaning information for people just like you!

I have taken all my research, and condensed it into a practical, informative manual which will:

independant_baby Help you understand the process of ‘Baby-led weaning’
babies_can_eat_on_their_own Share with you the signs to look out for which will tell you when your baby is ready for solids
how_much_should_baby_eat Give you clear, simple advice on the best foods to introduce
BLW_food Outline the crucial guidelines to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort
baby_learning_to_eat Explain the difference between a baby’s natural gag reflex,
and choking

from_milk_to_solids Tell you which foods to avoid
info_about_weaning Explain the way in which milk feeds and solid food need to balance
 discoveries about the world around her

On top of all this useful information it is illustrated throughout with real-life photographs of babies self-feeding, and loving it!

Totally Rewarding...

It is so totally rewarding when you see your little one tucking into a meal with real gusto… or reaching out to share something on your plate… or trying a new taste and texture for the first time... especially when your friends and relatives are still shovelling pureed mush into their baby’s mouth, and worrying about how much is left in the jar.

This simple reference guide is available for instant download, so you will get immediate answers to your questions, and can get started now!

It sets out the process in detail, and gives you clear information and insights which will allow to you to trust yourself and your baby as you begin exploring solid food together.


As a free gift with your purchase you will receive an exclusive video, presented by 'The Apprentice' star Miriam
Staley, demonstrating ‘Baby-led weaning’ in practice, helping to give you the confidence you need to throw away the liquidiser, and let your baby have some fun with food!

Get you guide now for only $9.87
*available for immediate download*

Enjoy all those unforgettable moments with your darling child as he takes some important steps towards independence. And make sure your camera’s handy, as you’ll definitely want to capture those treasured times.

Warm regards,


P.S. Don’t let your fear of the unknown stop you from discovering this great, fun weaning method! Remember that your baby’s emotional responses to food are being programmed now, and you can help to influence those.

P.P.S. Remember there is a fabulous bonus gift available for you today when y
best_guide_for_baby_weaningou buy the BLW reference guide - an exclusive demonstration video. 

P.P.P.S. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the content or information in this reference guide, then just drop us a line and we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.


go_to_st_maarten"This very clear and complete guide to baby-led weaning is full of great information which will enable your child to have an enjoyable journey discovering food.
Personally, it has given me a compete new undersanding of the whole introducing food process, reasured me and enabled me to relaxe and trust my baby girl. I would add, that even parents who stick to spoon feeding will find in this guide lots of very usefull information enabling you to understand much more about your little one and his eating behaviours.

Celine Megret, Fr


parent_tips_help_BLW"This great reference guide is brilliantly concise and easy to read with its well laid-out sections. It is packed full of very useful information which I have referred to over and over again.
As someone who works in the medical profession, I have really enjoyed taking this approach to weaning my daughter – it has been a wonderfully natural, successful method for us, and I felt assisted and supported by this guide every step of the way."

Dr Bethany Neale, UK